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Unwind Your Wounds!  Step Into Your Genius!

It’s amazing how we have been CONDITIONED over many years to think that play small.  We live in a world where NOT LIVING UP to your potential is normal and acceptable.  Guess what, IT’S NOT!!  No matter who you are, where you are or status you’ve been given in your life, we all have the same basic needs!

Certainty, Security, Connection, Meaning, Love and Ultimately to be in a place where we can Contribute!

We are all challenged in various areas of our lives!!  What if you BECOME DEEPLY AWARE AND CREATE PERMANENT CHANGE in your own life?  Are you ready to BECOME THE PERSON that you know is deep down inside you AT A CELLULAR LEVEL and you haven’t even scratched the surface yet?  Do you want to ACTIVATE THE AUTHENTIC YOU?

Are your ready to drop your objections and step into your radiance? STEP OUT OF YOUR SHADOWS and INTO YOUR GIFTS.

What my Clients say about Me

D.H. Olson
D.H. Olson
Firstly, allow me to say that Ayse's gifts and services are worth every penny. Her insight and ability to bring messages from the metaphysical to the physical is an invaluable tool that will help redirect you to your higher path and stay aligned with your true purpose. Next, she is just an absolute sweetheart, and she makes the whole process comfortable, even when you begin exploring unknown territory within yourself. It is a healing experience that I would recommend to anyone and everyone, as she not only helps you to get in touch with your own truth, but connects you with your spirit guides and other energies that conspire to assist you in being your biggest and best version of you. My session with Ayse was just what I need to realign myself with complete honesty and clarity, and I can say with confidence that it won't be the last time!
willam neal
willam neal
I truly thank you for all you have shown me about myself. I can never thank you enough and the work you do is amazing. i was in a very deep dark place your love and guidance saved me. William Neal
Irina Mc Cann
Irina Mc Cann
Over the course of our call with Ayse I got so much clarity on how to propel my life & my work. This hour gave me so much understanding of my own needs and beliefs! Ayse was very generous with the information she provided, tips & even tools I could use on a daily basis to make a huge improvement over a short period of time. Can't recommend The Chakra House of Healing enough & can't wait to work with Ayse soon. Thank you!
Darren Creces
Darren Creces
Ayse is amazing! After suffering with chronic pain for years, she helped me move past the pain using multiple healing modalities. Thanks to Ayse, I feel like a new person and I’m looking forward to seeing what comes next! I would recommend Ayse to anyone!
Amy Clair
Amy Clair
I hadn't worked with a personal coach before Ayse, especially not one that dealt with energy, healing, and blocks. She is such a caring soul ... kind while letting you know what you need to hear to help you grow. It was a fantastic experience and I highly recommend her!!!
Laura Hansen
Laura Hansen
Working with Ayse has not only been amazing, but life changing! She helped me move through some pretty heavy issues that were holding me back in every area of my life. It's true, I had "issues in my tissues". lol! Thanks to her amazing guidance I experienced many break-throughs and once you break through there is no going back! I am Living my Best life now! Thanks Ayse!!! I am in Awe and forever grateful! Contact her to experience the loving way she can help you break through your issues. I cried a lot and Loved every minute of it.
Pat Meyer
Pat Meyer
I highly recommend Ayse and The Chakra House of Healing. Having online therapy sessions has been perfect for me and my busy schedule. Ayse has awesome skills to help you get through trying times in your life. Give her an opportunity to help! 🙂
Joyann Brockwell
Joyann Brockwell
I had the pleasure of meeting Ayse through mutual business partners this year! I was immediately drawn to her energy & essence. I began watching her free content and was intrigued- she was putting language around the feelings I did not understand about my 45 year old self. I had been on a journey of self development for a few years. Life became confusing after losing several family members in 2013. I became discontent in a 25 year corporate career -I walked out on a leap of faith in 2015. Lost my new business in 2017, and had been trying to find my way & re-invent myself. I was spiraling quickly downward. Ayse had asked her viewers to journal about dreams, and send it to her! I had an experience from a "dream state" that always confused and scared me, because it was more real, than being awake. So I sent it to her. Within the next week, she started a topic called Intention & 4 sides of Infinity! Please check it out, based on teachings of Dr. Wayne Dyer, a personal hero of mine! Her series helped me begin to unravel my past - through this "dream!" I've learned to quiet my mind & energy through her Reiki course, helping me dive deeper inside myself. Her Hypnosis sessions have removed blocks in my Chakras, allowing life to flow and bring me to new streams of income, health & SELF LOVE! I continue to grow on this path daily, and I am ever grateful for Ayse coming in to my life! I hope you will take your own leaps of faith to change your life. Ayse will amaze you with her approach, IF YOU ARE READY!
Jessica Upchurch
Jessica Upchurch
A+ Service! Ayse at The Chakra House of Healing helped me get to the root of problems, mentally, physically and emotionally. Highly recommend.
kimberley guche
kimberley guche
I just completed the Enhanced Energy Communication course with Ayse and it was fantastic! Ayse is an excellent instructor and this course has a lot of hands on practice that makes for easier learning and integrating of content. This course is so beneficial for everyone! I am so thrilled to be able to now offer the EEC services to clients as well as Use it for myself. I would highly recommend this course!

The Mass Consciousness of Humanity is hugely dominated by the fear and survival aspects of the brain.  This is an invasive force inside the human body.

Break Your Addiction to

Your Old Ways of Thinking!

  • Retrain Your Brain
  • Step out of shadows and into your gifts
  • Embrace Your Challenges and Transform them into your Desires
  • Understand how to use your Genetic Coding and Design
  • Release Your Triggers and Integrate Your Shadows
  • Step off the Viscious Circle in your life and Spiral into your Best Potential
  • Energetic discord in yourself and/or your home
  • Put an End to Reliving the Same Scenarios
  • Ask About my 1-1 Coaching and Group Discussions

All programs conducted online (In Person Appointments must be discussed at consultation and approved due to current world situation)

Ready to Step Into Your Genius, Goals & Desires?

Your first step is to Book Your Free Session.  Here is what you can expect during the session.  Tell me your story s that I can begin to understand you, your struggles and challenges and then we will discuss the most dynamic program that I feel would be the best fit for your circumstance as well as answer all your questions.  When your confident, committed and WANT to move into your potential, your program will begin.  So are you ready?

About Me

I love my life, but that was not always true!

I believe that in each one of us, there is a story to tell.  I used to define and victimize myself based on the situations and circumstances that happened in my life.   Everything was defined by the pain that I had endured. All the decisions that I made were based on the feeling I was being punished for something. I was dying inside and loathed my life and myself.

In my early 40’s my father passed away and that unleashed everything I had been suppressing all at once and brought me to a point where I was planning the end of my life and actually found myself quite happy about it.

I could see the end to my pain and it felt satisfying somehow.

And then, 2 women came into my life; a Reiki Master and a Hypnotist.  Things changed for me rapidly after that. There was still a healing journey ahead of me but I had the will to live and began to see my story in a new light.

I am here now 10 years later, certified in everything that saved me and then some.   I feel victorious about my story and all the things I learned from it. I’ve let go of my triggers and limiting beliefs. Everyday for me is ample, thriving and fabulous.

If you think you are stuck, you’re not. In fact, far from it.  I’ve taken the best of everything I’ve learned and integrated it into a powerful personalized dynamic and integrative protocol that will release you from the pain, and allow you to live a normal, empowered life.

Are you ready to be set free?  If the answer is yes, I’m ready to help you get there.

When I began my own healing journey, I became hungry to learn what was happening to me.  I loved the changes in my body, my mind, and my energy. I wanted to make sure I could keep it going.  So I began studying day and night.

Let me tell you about some of my certifications.

  • Visionary, Founder and CHIEF of The International Academy of Universal Self Mastery (IAUSM)
  • Life Mastery Coach specializing in Personal Growth and Development
  • Master Clinical Hypnotherapist and Instructor
  • Master Regressionist
  • Master Intuitive Healing Medium  & Channel
  • Sleep Specialist
  • Metaphysical Hypnotherapist and Instructor
  • Reiki Master and Teacher
  • Tantric Practitioner
  • Shamanic Practitioner
  • Doctorate in Philosophy
  • Ordained Non-Denominational Spiritual Minister

My Passion is Taking You Into Your Mastery

One on One Private Online Coaching

Everybody has a story to tell and your story has led us to a certain point in your life.  Perhaps you are even feeling stuck…does that sound like you?  You’ve tried various things…100s of things, 1000s of things and perhaps you are even afraid to hope anymore because nothing is working permanently.

There is a personal power that is innate in all of us but you are challenged with accessing it because of triggers, blocks.  some self-limiting beliefs and maybe even some fear  that is standing in your way.

An effective healing program is one that is tailored to you and empowers your mind, your body and your energy.     Everything that happens to you effects you on all levels and therefore in order for you to heal permanently… my protocol takes a whole being approach.  Otherwise, you are simply putting a band aid on a gun shot wound…no good.  You are here because you are looking for change and advancement so click below and let’s make that happen!

You are much more than what you believe

Your Mission is my Mission!

The power of your thoughts are real and effects your life in every single moment.  Also, its time to accept, if you don’t already, that there is force larger than your physical self at play. We are in a universe where everything is vibrating,  moving and changing including your thoughts.  Your thoughts dictate your truth…simple yet not!!  You are already manifesting whether you like it or not! You are a unique individual and because of this, the methods I choose for you will work directly at eliminating the root of your challenges, not just the symptoms.





I’d love to hear from you. Send me a quick note and let me know what you’re looking for.

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