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One on One Coaching

Everybody has a story to tell and your story has led us to a certain point in your life.  Perhaps you are even feeling stuck…does that sound like you?  You’ve tried various things…100s of things, 1000s of things and perhaps you are even afraid to hope anymore because nothing is working permanently.

There is a personal power that is innate in all of us but you are challenged with accessing it because of triggers, blocks.  some self-limiting beliefs and maybe even some fear  that is standing in your way.

An effective healing program is one that is tailored to you and empowers your mind, your body and your energy.     Everything that happens to you effects you on all levels and therefore in order for you to heal permanently… my protocol takes a whole being approach.  Otherwise, you are simply putting a band aid on a gun shot wound…no good.

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Releasing the Stigma

You are in Hypnosis most of the day.  You have a set of beliefs,  approximately 80% of which you are not even aware of but are contributing to how you feel and behave.   Hypnosis is about transforming your inner map behaviours, beliefs, triggrs and blocks in order for you to make the changes in your life that you want to make.  The key word is WANT.  No one can make you do anything that you don’t want to or is against your value or belief system.

You will experience both clinical and metaphysical methods here.  Yes, that includes Past Life Regression and Entity Release should you want it.

So I won’t be making you bark like a dog or quack like a duck…unless of course that is what you want…haha

Neuro Linguistic Programming

Beginning Your Rewiring

This technique is used to reframe the way you experience struggles, to make new choices, to see how you have been stuck and really to understand how your beliefs and your words have created negative or counter-productive neural pathways in your brain and nervious system.   I will guide and facilitate not only your awareness but the transformation so that you can stand in your potential and live life in a new self aware way.

Tantric Awareness

It is more than what you think

Yes, deeper and more advanced Tantra practices are very sensual.  What you will be experiencing at The Chakra House of Healing is the part of the practice that brings you into a higher state of being and awareness.  You will be experiencing methods to cleanse emotional debris and strengthen your energy.

In addition, this method will fortify and energize your chakras, clear patterns of behaviour and understand that your body is a temple and a container where the divine resides.

These exercises and techniques can be experienced as a couple or single person and do not include any nudity or any sexual contact.  

Super-Charged Reiki

Creating Delicious Combinations

Being a Reiki Master and Teacher,  I love Usui Reiki.  As I have transformed and evolved however, my practice with my clients has also evolved.  Reiki in your sessions will be personalized for you to include hypno shamanic journeying and/or a tantric blockage release (no sexual contact in sessions) or a messages from guides, energy entities etc.  These sessions have a life of their own.

Muscle Testing

A New Way to Communicate

Most of us have become a servant to our body and brain instead of the Master.  I will be teaching you many tools to integrate into your life but the one that everyone loves and uses is the muscle testing.  

Using this method that I have a new protocol called Enhanced Energy Communication or EEC which allows us to find out exacty what your triggers are,  limiting beliefs that require changing and so much more.  

Learn how you can integrate this into your everyday life and find out what your body needs, look for guidance, get validation and confirmation and to help you make decisions from the smallest aspect in your life to the largest and most important

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