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One of the most common struggles amoung all of my clients is SLEEP.  In addition to all of my other training, I felt it wise to become a Sleep Specialist to better serve my clients. 

Everybody has a story to tell and your story has led us to a certain point in your life.  Perhaps you are even feeling stuck…does that sound like you?  You’ve tried various things…100s of things, 1000s of things and perhaps you are even afraid to hope anymore because nothing is working permanently.

There is a personal power that is innate in all of us but you are challenged with accessing it because of triggers, blocks.  some self-limiting beliefs and maybe even some fear  that is standing in your way.

An effective healing program is one that is tailored to you and empowers your mind, your body and your energy.     Everything that happens to you effects you on all levels and therefore in order for you to heal permanently… my protocol takes a whole being approach.  Otherwise, you are simply putting a band aid on a gun shot wound…no good.

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Sleep Disorders

Hypnosis – Proven Intervention

Hypnosis is a proven effective intervention for a wide variety of sleep related disorders for both adults and children. 

These can range from restlessness, difficulty falling asleep to insomnia to waking up and not being able to fall back asleep.  They can also include Non- 24,  Sleep Apnea, Hypersomnia, Parasomnia, Circadian Sleep Disorders, Periodic Limb Movement Disorder and Narcolepsy to name a few.

Almost every one of clients have struggled with sleep deprivation and with the power of hypnosis and NLP techniques, now get the healthy and rejuvenating natural sleep that they need and deserve.

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Depression, Anxiety, Trauma, Panic Attacks and Anger

Beginning Your Rewiring

A powerful healing program is one that is tailored to you and empowers your mind, your body and your energy.     Everything that happens to you effects you on all levels and therefore in order for you to heal permanently, I’ve mastered a process that takes a whole body approach.

It is time move from victim to victor of your story!!

Utilizing a  combination of Hypnotherapy, NLP, Energy Work, Tantric Energy Art Practices and Transformational Solution Coaching to convert you into freedom as well as Self Love Mastery. 

You are a unique individual and because of this, the methods I choose for you will work directly at eliminating the root of your challenges, not just the symptoms.

Client Testimonial

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Awakening Your Mastery

It is more than what you think

Cultivating deep, awesome and lasting relationships, means that you must invest in yourself as well as in your relationships. This workshop will be a great way to do just that. Decide today to create the quality in your life that you deserve.

You are the Master, in fact you are a Masterpiece, because you were created by the Master, to be a Master. 

You are unstoppable and capable of anything.  The decision to take part in this workshop could change your life forever.  It is time for you to take control of your future, regardless of what your current struggles or challenges are. 

Awakening Your Mastery is your chance to start creating the life you’ve always wanted – a life of unlimited freedom and massive fulfillment

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